AdWords Success Tips – 3 Sneaky But Legal AdWords Tips to Push Your Sales Through the Roof

At some stage during any AdWords campaign, everyone just wishes that there was just a teeny tiny shortcut they could use to give those sales a push. We’ve put in some effort and came up with a couple of AdWords Tips that you can use to accomplish just that. Here they are:

1. Spelling Matters

Yep, spelling does matter, especially with your web content. But in terms of AdWords, it’s the other type of spelling that could net you those sales – we’re referring to bad spelling. Think in terms of “Football shoes” being spelt as either “Footbal shoes” or “Footballshoes”. These types of mistakes are common when searching the net, even for those who live their lives by the rules of language.

2. Know The Surfers

We’re not only talking about those guys dodging sharks on a daily basis, we’re talking about those guys who end up at your website, of which there are, generally speaking, three types.

The first of these is the “freebie” who wants everything for free. We all know him as we’ve been there too. The second person is the “looker” who just browses the net, looking at all the pretty pictures and additional bits of info related to any specific product. And finally, we have the “buyer”. This is the guy who knows what he wants and what keywords to use to get it. The moral of this point is that if you use the keywords the buyer will use, you will get the buyer. If you use general non-specific keywords, you could very well end up getting the looker or the freebie.

3. Words… Again!

Be detailed in your ad, instead of vague. If you and a competitor have the same titles for an ad, then it will obviously be the content of that ad that matters.